Explore the Arctic on a cruise


If you have read my previous post on cruises in Patagonia, you will have realized that I am passionate about the remote places, with those immense and silent landscapes dominated by nature. So if I had to recommend an exclusive cruise, even in terms of itinerary, I could surely address on the routes of the Arctic.

La Ponant, a company created in 1988 by two officers of the French Merchant Marine, offers a wide range of proposals. Passion of exploration and respect for the environment are the starting values. This is why it will start a collaboration with the national geographic starting from 2019

The main feature of Ponant is to have shipping teams made up of passionate experts, guides and naturalistic guides.


The fleet consists of 12 ships (by 2021) that extends from 32 to 132 cabins, with a 5-star service comparable to the best luxury hotels. All cabins have a sea view and 95% have a balcony.

One of the latest news is the cruise to the Aleutian Islands, between Russia and Alaska, along the Pacific Ring of Fire.  For 13 days on board the ship Le Soléal prepare to be captured by the beauty of the Aleutian Islands.

Embark on Petropavlovsk, the oldest city in the Russian Far East and head east, approaching the world's most active Vulcans during the sailing and exploring the incredibly rich wildlife that lives in the Aleutian Islands, thanks to the waters that abound nutrients. It is easy to come across marine birds, killer whales and other whales.


Le Soléal will reach the coast of Alaska, with its beautiful landscapes: glaciers, ancient forests, lush vegetation and wonderful bays, kingdom of grizzlies.

It is worth noting the presence on board of Jean-Louis Étienne, a French writer and explorer who will present two conferences during the week. In short, the Ponant cruises truly offer a unique experience of luxury, science and adventure.

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