Mekong cruise: a unique way to experience the charm of Indochina


When we close our eyes and think of Indochina we cannot but visualize the Mekong River, the seventh longest in the world. It begins in Tibet and flows into the vicinity of Ho Chi Minh in Vietnam, after crossing Chinese Yunnan, Myanmar, Thailand, Laos and Cambodia.

The water flow of the river varies according to the season, but the Mekong remains an important communication route throughout the year. Sailing on this river is an exciting experience, while relaxing on the deck of a ship, running past scenes of everyday life of the people living on the banks and glimpses of exotic landscapes characterized by lush nature.

A great tip for those who like both cruising and the visit to prestigious cultural sites is undoubtedly an itinerary proposed by Lotus Cruises, aboard the Mekong Jewels, which departs from Siem Reap, in Cambodia, and reaches Ho Chi Minh in Vietnam, after a week of navigation.


It starts with a bang (or closes making the itinerary in the opposite direction), exploring the archaeological area of Angkor, the splendid ancient abandoned capital that had been swallowed up by the jungle and returned to civilization in the second half of the 19th century, and then it continues with several stops throughout the week, with a rich programme of excursions to villages along the river and in cities such as Phnom Penh.

Not only you visit sites of cultural and historical interest, but you enter the core of people's real life, visiting for example a school during lessons. You can add the thrilling experience of crossing the border on the river between Cambodia and Vietnam, stopping in a village where the famous Khmer scarves are produced, and if you have read the novel L'Amante by Marguerite Dumas, you will find the vib of that era visiting the home of the alleged protagonist of the story, Mr. Huynh Thuy.


Many other visits are scheduled this week where you can immerse yourself in the oriental atmosphere of this area of the world among the most suggestive to visit, without haste and spending most of the time relaxing on board a ship with 34 elegant suites and common areas , meticulously furnished in French colonial style, and with high standards of 5-star services, from the pool to the spa, from restaurants to the fitness center.

The suites are of 4 types, what changes is the size of the spaces but not the special attention to detail: the Grand Suite (915 sqft.), Prestige Suite (548 sqft.), Signature Suite (333 sqft.), Vista Suite (323 sqft.).

The Jade Spirit Sky Lounge is located on the upper deck of the ship, sipping a drink in the evening from this scenic location is an exciting experience. And if you want the company of a good book, make sure you get one from the library, another ship's environment where charm is the rule.