Stunning Namibia


Stunning Namibia

I have always been a fan of Africa, and I finally fulfilled my dream of visiting one of the destinations for which I felt an elective affinity: Namibia, an extraordinary place that offers a wide range of unique experiences. Here are five reasons you should consider for visiting this southern African country, which only became independent in 1990:


1. Stunning Landscapes

Namibia is famous for its breathtaking landscapes that range from arid deserts to wild coastlines. The Namib Desert, one of the oldest deserts in the world, offers spectacular red sand dunes, especially at Sossusvlei. Etosha National Park, with its vast salt marsh, offers unique views and wildlife sightings.


2. Wildlife

Namibia is a paradise for nature and wildlife lovers. Etosha National Park is one of the best wildlife reserves in the world, where you can see elephants, lions, rhinos and many other animals in their natural habitat. In addition, the Skeleton Coast is home to seal colonies and a variety of seabirds.


3. Culture and Indigenous People

Namibia offers opportunities to connect with local cultures, particularly the Himba and San people. The Himba, with their traditional ornaments and hairstyles, live in the remote northern regions and offer a fascinating glimpse into a traditional way of life. The San, or Bushmen, are one of the oldest populations on Earth and are known for their incredible desert survival skills.


4. Outdoor Adventures

For adventure lovers, Namibia is an ideal destination. You can hike, safari, sandboard on the dunes, and even fly in a hot air balloon over the Namibian Desert. The Spitzkoppe rock formations and Fish River Canyon offer ideal scenery for hiking and climbing.


5. Astronomy and Night Skies

Namibia is one of the best places in the world for stargazing because of its clear skies and very low light pollution. Places like the Namib Desert and Etosha National Park offer incredibly clear night skies, making it possible to see the Milky Way and a myriad of stars with impressive clarity.


These five reasons prove that Namibia is a must-visit destination for those seeking adventure, nature, culture and breathtaking scenery. But do you know what was the most exciting moment of the trip? Climbing the world's highest dune located in the Namib Desert, known as “Big Daddy.” This impressive dune stands about 325 meters (1,066 feet) high and is located in the famous Sossusvlei area, which is part of the Namib-Naukluft Park. Big Daddy is a major attraction for visitors to the park, and climbing this dune offers spectacular views of the surrounding dunes and Deadvlei, a white clay plain dotted with centuries-old dead trees.

Climbing Big Daddy can be strenuous because of the loose sand and steep slope, but the view from the top more than repays the effort. The combination of the colors of the red dunes, blue sky, and desert landscape creates an unforgettable backdrop that attracts photographers and nature lovers from around the world


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