Cruise on the Seine on a private yacht


Paris does not need any comment. It is among the most loved cities in the world. I lost count of how many times I've been in the capital of France. Every time, depending on the season, I try to live it as if it were the first time.

Even the same place, if the outline elements change, can appear transformed, different from how we remembered it. Think of the impressionists, who painted the same subject picking up always different shapes depending on the light of the day.


And speaking of light and transformations, even a classic experience like a cruise on the Seine, gives new emotions. Mind you, when it's done with a few people in a private yacht, savoring excellent French food, it's always a great experience!


Believe me, however, that if you do it during the Christmas season, Paris wrapped in lights will appear as you've never seen it before. Sip your champagne while the yacht glides over the Seine and let yourself be enchanted by the lights of the buildings and monuments, so you will experience a truly special evening in Paris.